Sparks’ Sandbox

It’s been a while since the last edition of Sparks’ Sandbox. Remember back in the day when cmsof actually gave me my own page? You’d think my punishment for shitting on his carpet would be over by now, but he refuses to restore my dignity.

Anyway, he has agreed to let me do one last Sandbox because, you see, I’m leaving ColuMn. I’ll show up in 2010 once or twice, but my daily invvolvement will come to an end.

Both cmsof and BlackJack have both embarrassed themselves and begged me to stay, but there are other projects that I’m itching to tackle.

Beginning early in 2010 I’m going on a world tour with fellow ColuMn icons Baggyman, O’Connor, and Dirty Baby Santa. Our show will be in a variety format, with jokes, songs, dancing, and soul-teabagging.

Baggyman is unreachable until February and O’Connor is busy overseeing The O’Connor Chronicles Season Two DVD Cut, but Dirty Baby Santa and I are busy rehearsing a new routine.

I’ll always think back fondly on my two years writing for ColuMn and look forward to contributing more reviews and articles in the future. The site will no doubt go under once I’m gone.

See you in a community theater near you in 2010!




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