Spogz Promo

You know something I’ve got that you probably don’t? No, not charm, class, or sophistication (you have read the site, right?). No, it’s SPOGZ from Eclipse and Todd McFarlane Productions, Inc.

Back in the dark, pre-internet ages of 1992 some of my favorite comic book artists told Marvel and DC to go fuck themselves and started their own comic book company, Image Comics. Back then I collected every single title they’d crap out (I’m looking at you, Bloodstrike). But the best ones were the books created and produced by the Image Seven. One of those titles was Todd McFarlane’s Spawn.

Card 1Card 2

I fuckin’ LOVED Spawn. McFarlane was probably my favorite artist at that point and I soaked up everything he touched. I actually had a license plate that was SPAWN 9 (I got enough comments back then – don’t bother). I’d buy mini-series, posters, toys, Hotwheels, shirts, and SPOGZ.



Back in the early 90s I was always hearing about how Pogs were the next big thing. They were in gumball machines, in magazines, in cereal boxes, and sold in trading card-like packets. Supposedly they were huge in Hawaii. Pogs is basically a game where you try to flip your opponent’s disk with your disk. Remember, this was before the Internet. Our entertainment options were limited.

And still, no matter how big the hype got, literally nobody played Pogs. Nobody. Not that any of that mattered to me. I wasn’t going to PLAY with my Spogz. What are you? Crazy?

The Spogz 3-ring Binder

Spogz, perhaps obviously, were Pogs with pictures taken from the Spawn comic book on them. There were 54 regular Spogz, 6 prism Spogz, a Platinum Spog, a metal Spog, and the extra thick Todd McFarlane Spog. Are you tired of hearing the word “Spog” in your head yet?

The Todd McFarlane Slammer Spog

Spogz appealed to my collector mentality at the height of its fanatacism. I spent God knows how much on the little round pieces of paper, and yet I never did collect them all.

Spogz Prism Board

Even today there are still a couple of the holofoil and the metal Spog that I don’t have. I also never sent away for the mail order binder. I recently acquired about 7 Spogz that I didn’t have as well as the “rare” prism board, whcih holds the 6 prism Spogz and the Platinum Spog. The other three and the binder will soon be in my possession. And then I’ll finally be ready to take on all-comers in the most viciously epic Spogz tournament in the history of mankind.


7 thoughts on “Spogz

  1. I have 2 spawn platinum spogz one of wich i had autographed by Todd himself. Do you know the print run was and what would you give for the unsigned one?

    • I am still (for what reason I don’t know) trying to complete my Spogz set. I have no idea what a Platinum Spog is worth. $5? $10?

      I don’t know the print run numbers, but given that they came out at the height of the speculator market and Spawn was selling like 2 million issues a month, pretty sure it’s a high one. You can still find “complete sets” on ebay for $15, though they generally don’t include any of the chaser Spogz.

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