Bakon Vodka

Bakon Vodka goes excellent with work.

I typically enjoy my vodka without the cutesy flavorings (TITO’S is THE BEST), but when a bottle of booze has a slab of bacon painted on it, you’re either curious enough to pick it up or repulsed enough to lay off the blts for twenty minutes or so.

You open the bottle and get a whiff. Yep. That’s bacon. I first tried it in Bloody Mary mix. I’m not a huge Bloody Mary drinker, but this was pretty damn tasty. I won’t be switching my drink from toilet gin to Bloody Marys anytime soon, but an occassional bacon-flavored Bloody Mary isn’t the worst fate in the history of humanity.

I next tried Bakon Vodka mixed with orange juice. I figured both bacon and o.j. were breakfast items. And o.j. and regular vodka were so tasty they had their own drink, so Bakon Vodka and o.j. should be a no-brainer.

And it was. You have to have no brains and less of a sense of taste to enjoy this catastrophe. Stick with tomato juice or Bloody Mary mix.

All in all, I recommend Bakon Vodka with some stipulation. You have to like Bloody Marys and you absolutely have to love bacon-flavored vodka.


7 thoughts on “Bakon Vodka

  1. Hey, I know! How about Bakon, Biscuits and Gravy blender drink? I’d try it. I bet Sparks would go for a Bakon, Beggin Strips and Snausages Screwdriver, hold the o.j.

  2. Thanks, Sven. Bakon Vodka should be a welcomed addition to any bar or home bar. The Bloody Mary alone makes it worthwhile. Might have to try some of those other recipes, though.

  3. Thanks for the review!
    Definitely doesn’t go with everything (like OJ or soda). But there are some pretty amazing drinks that bartenders have been coming up with. My favorites are the “Chocolate Bakon Martini” (with chocolate liqueur and a splash of cream), or the “Melon Prosciutto Martini” (with Midori and a salted rim).
    Others are at:
    (Send us ideas if you come up with other ones, and we’ll post them.)

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