Sparks’ Sandbox #6: The Lists

SparksHi, everybody.  Your favorite robot dog here with another installment of Sparks’ Sandbox™.  This month, I’m posting my own “Best of” and “Worst of” lists in response to BlackJack’s recent diatribes.  I’ll keep my clean though.  For the kids.



5.  My on/off button

4.  Newspaper

3.  Wrex The Dog Robotic Pal

2.  The vacuum cleaner

1.  Robot cats



5.  Girl robot dogs

4.  Batteries

3.  Asses

2.  People’s legs

1.  Poop


6 thoughts on “Sparks’ Sandbox #6: The Lists

  1. Out of curiosity, what kind of nastiness does Sparks eat for his birthday? Poop prepared a la Bananas Foster? Cooked in brown sugar, drenched with banana liqueur and rum and then set on fire?

    Gives a whole new meaning to the flaming bag of poop.

  2. Sparks here. BlackJack went to go change his laundry and I’m too lazy to log into my own account. Don’t tell him. He beats me mercilessly.

    I hate how when BlackJack whacks me with the paper I have to smell that newspaper smell the rest of the day. Not that I have the ability to smell, but the damn programmers — oh shit. Here comes BlackJack. Gotta go. I’ll try to paad348taqgrebf gns mhd

  3. Can we explore your hatred of newspaper? I mean, what exactly about it do you hate? Is it the taste? The way it leaves smudges on your paws? The mess it leaves when you tear it to shreds? Or when it’s rolled up and whacked against your robot snout? Or is it the messages you’ve been getting in the personals from that stalker robot cat?

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