The O’Connor Chronicles Season One (DVD Cut)

So this is the long-in-development 100th Post of ColuMn.  We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve used a bunch of bad words and referenced things that neither Sparks nor I are sure even exist (what the hell is the deal with 508 anyway?).  

Sparks and I will be back in 2009 with much more of the same.  The site will have a new look and I’ll be introducing a new wrinkle or two, but other than that, not much will change.  10 posts per months of weird product reviews, idiotic videos, and indecipherable writings.  Just what the discerning ColuMn reader (I think that’s an oxymoron) has come to expect.


So, without further ado, here’s a 100th anniversary present for you.  Back in October I put together a dvd of the first three episodes of The O’Connor Chronicles and included a bunch of extras that I didn’t feature on ColuMn.  One of those bonuses was this, a special cut of Season One that I think really takes it to the next level.  Enjoy.

Sparks and BlackJack


Mostly the same great bits of comedic genius that you watched over and over again in the first three episodes of this acclaimed series. But I’ve added another layer that is sure to intrigue . . . and outrage. Episodes include: the hilarious pilot, “Gunpoint!”; the inspiring second episode, “The Lesson”; and, of course, the multiple award winning look at the realities of combat, “Basic Maneuvers”.



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