The Christmas Walk

I tried to get out of it. It was getting dark out and colder by the minute. I planned out the route I’d take in my head. Bus from here down down to 5th and Mercer. Walk 4 long blocks down to 1st and then head down half a block and hit the liquor store. Then walk back to the bus stop and take the bus downtown where I’d head over to The Instigator and Klaus McKenzie’s. With two bottles of booze, my iPod, and whatever else I could fit into the bag of holding. I tried to get out of it and have Klaus pick up the booze, but I couldn’t get a hold of him, so I faced facts and headed out.

Caught the bus pretty quickly and rode it down to 5th and Mercer, discovering along the way that I’d stupidly and, regretably, predictably forgotten my gloves. Too late now. I shoved my hands deeper into my pockets and started walking towards 1st.

On the way down I’d been noticing how many houses were decorated with Christmas lights. I was enjoying the season. I put the soundtrack to A Charlie Brown Christmas on the iPod. Walking down Mercer was pretty brutal. Cold and fairly miserable. My new coat kept me warm. Otherwise I’d be screwed.

I was grateful for the brief layover at the liquor store, where I purchases a bottle of Tito’s and a bottle of Captain Morgan Spiced Silver Rum. I stepped outside the liquor store and looked left and right. To the left was the way I’d come. I could easily just retrace my steps and walk along Mercer back to the bus stop. But there was no fun in that. To the right lay Seattle Center. I couldn’t see any decorations from where I stood, but I had absolutely no doubt that the Center would be festively decorated and populated with all sorts of holiday revelers.

I was right. Walking through the Center was almost like walking back through time. Not quite an Olde World Christmas, but probably as close as you’re going to get in the city. Lights blinked and sparkled everywhere I looked in brilliant colors of green, red, gold, silver, blue, purple, and orange. Families strolled along the walkway admiring the sights. I passed a cart on the right that sold kettle corn. It was like I’d stepped into a Norman Rockwell painting.

The Christmas Walk

The Christmas Walk

Soon, I got to the edge of Seattle Center and spotted the bus stop. I got there just as the bus pulled up, arriving at The Instigator and Klaus’ about half an hour later than I was shooting for.

Yeah, I miss my car. I want to get it fixed. Soon. But honestly I’m not hating the alternative. I feel like I’m getting more out of Christmas walking and busing and cabbing. Cars are a great convenience, though. If I had the option, I’d definitely be driving. So I guess I’m grateful, in a way, to be robbed of my car at this time of the year. If it wasn’t for a bum transmission I’d have never taken my Christmas Walk.


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