ColuMn Face-Off: The Instigator’s Pumpkin Egg Nog vs. Mountain Farms’ Pumpkin Egg Nog


Thanksgiving is a natural bridge between Halloween and Christmas.  This year Thanksgiving falls exactly halfway between the two.  And, sure.  Thanksgiving has a lot of its own iconic imagery.  Turkey, pilgrims, weird colored corn, potatoes, stuffing.  But most of that is food-related.  It IS an eating holiday, after all.  It’s the one day a year when you are encouraged to overeat to pants-pooping levels.

That’s a roundabout way to say that I have no idea what holiday Mountain Dairy’s Pumpkin Egg Nog is meant to celebrate.  The label is orange, clearly saying, “Hey, look!  A delicious Halloween-themed  beverage!”  But then, smack dab in the center of the label is a red and green Christmas wreath, saying, “Have a sip!  It’s not too early to start cashing in on celebrating Christmas!

I have had pumpkin egg nog before.  At the official Association™ Halloween parties, The Instigator used to make it INSIDE an actual pumpkin.  Two major differences off the top:  The Instigator’s was a little pulpy from the pumpkin.  That sounds grosser than it is.  It wasn’t swimming in pulp.  But it did have a little.  And, really, it added to the flavor.  The second difference is that The Instigator’s had almost lethal amounts of rum.  Mountain Dairy has already lost this, you guessed it . . .


. . . ColuMn FACE-OFF™!!!

Where the flavor of the pumpkin was apparent in The Instigator’s batch, it is very, very subtle at Mountain Farms.  I detected almost no pumpkin taste, though there was a spice taste, backed up by a quick look at the label, where it clearly states that the final ingredient is “spice”.

It is very good though.  Not as rich as I might have guessed.  It’s like very good egg nog with a slight pumpkinny aftertaste.  That sticks with you for a while.  Not in an unpleasant way, but in an “alright maybe I’m starting to get a little sick of that taste in my mouth” kind of way.


I think The Instigator’s is clearly the superior Pumpkin Egg Nog.  But if you can’t get a hold of a batch, then you really can’t go wrong with Mountain Farms’ version.  If you like egg nog, I see no reason why you wouldn’t like this.

Also, I tested this on November 11, so I just squeezed it in there.  But even at that late date, it still tasted great.  That should be their slogan.  It rhymes.


Serving Size:  1/2 Cup
Calories:  170
Calories from Fat:  80 (including 5g of saturated fat)
Total fat: 9g
Cholesterol: 65 mg
Sodium:  75 mp
Carbs:  19g
Sugar:  18g
Protein: 4g
Fun Fact:  Contains no pumpkin!


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