I’ve got a confession to make.  I’ve never had a McRib.  I’m not sure why.  I like ribs.  I like McDonald’s.  You figure I would have given the thing a try by now.  I guess it doesn’t help that it’s a “limited edition” sandwich.  But when I saw the commercials announcing the return of the much-loved sandwich, I knew that I would have one in my mouth very soon.  Today was that day.

I’d like to report that the McRib is every bit as good as the hype says it is.  I’d like to say that it changed my life and I’m now devoting it to eating so many McRibs that I die of McRib-related complications.  Sadly, I cannot do that.



Is the McRib bad?  No.  Not really.  The bun is a good, typical McDonald’s bun (only longer).  The sauce is good enough, though extremely mild.  The onions are adequate.  The problem is the pork patty itself.  Yeah, it’s cool that it’s shaped like actually boned ribs (that sounds like some sort of horrifying porn title).  And it’s not that it’s bad meat (another possible, maybe even more horrifying, porn title).  The problem is that it is completely tasteless.  Since the barbecue sauce is just sort of poured on, it doesn’t have time to be absorbed by the pork.  It’s completely relying on a equal sauce-to-patty ratio in your mouth, which just doesn’t happen.  



In conclusion, it’s good.  It’s not McShitty.  I just thought that was a funny caption.  It sort of looks like diarrhea.  If you haven’t tried one, it’s probably worth it if you’re at a McDonald’s.  It’s a fairly good deal for $2.79 ($4.79 for the meal).  It’s a nice change of pace from the typical hamburger.  I guess I shouldn’t complain since a barbecue pork sandwich is pretty rare in the fast food biz.  I can’t say I’m lovin’ it, but I’m not hatin’ it either.  I’m sort of ambivalentin’ it.

ColuMn Facts (courtesy of McDonald’s)



ColuMn Rating:  ★★1/2


3 thoughts on “McRib

  1. That sounds like some sort of sick zombie porn. You’ve got a bright future in Hollywood.

    Coincidentally, I like my women like I like my ribs. Hot, spicy, and a complete mess.

  2. McDonald’s and ribs? That’s just wrong. And pressed pork made to look like boned ribs? That’s just a freak of nature. Porn or no porn!

    I like my ribs like I like my men. Hot and greasy with the meat falling off the bone. How’s that for a porn visual?

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