The Volcano Taco

I knew when I first saw the commercial for this taco with a hard red shell that I would have to give it a try.  I’m not really into SUPER hot things, but I do enjoy a little spice with my Mexican or Thai.  Armed with my camera and six dollars, I headed to the nearest Taco Bell to see for myself if these contained actual lava or if it was some sort of marketing ploy.

An enticing meal?

While the Volcano Taco, as it turns out, does NOT contain actual lava, it is quite hot.  I’d say probably 3.5 stars on the scale of my favorite Thai restaurant.  Everything appears to be exactly the same as your typical Taco Bell taco, except that on top of the shredded cheese, it contains a cheesy goop, which is where the taco packs its punch.

Only the finest ingredients.

The Taco Bell drive-thru guy didn’t bother offering any hot sauce.  The temperature is a little bit hotter than their hottest hot sauce, so it wouldn’t have really made it any hotter.  It doesn’t need it.  It’s quite a tasty taco.

Special sauce - hopefully not an employee's bodily fluid

My next trip will be an attempt to turn the Volcano Taco into a Double Decker Volcano Taco, but I do highly recommend giving the original Volcano Taco a try.  If you like hot, but not overwhelming, spice, I really don’t think you can go wrong.

ColuMn Rating:  ★★★½


8 thoughts on “The Volcano Taco

  1. what is the volcano taco made out of? like what are the ingriediegnts to the taco, why is it red, what is in the cheese that makes it spicey????

    • It’s your basic Taco Bell Taco with the spicy cheese sauce and a red shell.

      I don’t know for sure what makes the cheese sauce spicy. My guess would be some sort of jalepeno extract.

      And I think the only reason the shell is red is because red looks like fire. It’s just a taco shell dyed red.

      If you like Taco Bell and moderately spicy food, then this is a good option.

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