Sparks’ Sandbox #3


Dudes. Oh, dudes. I didn’t mean to do it, you know? I was just out there in the neighbor’s lawn, looking for something to eat, when I spotted it. A nice big pile of snow white poop. As you know, the white stuff is the best. It’s got that crunchy taco-shell coating and inside is the creamiest, smoothest turd pie you’ve ever had. Mmmm.

Anyway, I sniffed my way over to it and began chowing down. Even better than I’d imagined. Was it my imagination, or was the buttery inside still warm? Before I knew it, I’d gulped it all down. I almost immediately started to feel funny. I nosed around as my last fleeting glimpses at sanity flew by. I’d had no idea that other dog had shat on a pile of shrooms, man. The colors.

12-year-old Billy Barns writes:

I gotta go lay down. And get something to eat. And I could really use a mint.

See you next time!


Got a question for everybody’s favorite robot dog? Dyno-Mutt not available? Why not send one in for Sparks?


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