Gatorade Tiger Thirst Quencher: Red Drive

Tiger Approved

Tiger Approved

I do enjoy a nice, refreshing Gatorade from time to time. I’m pretty picky, though. I only like Orange and Fruit Punch flavors. I used to like one that tasted like Purplesaurus Rex and there was a special NBA flavor a couple of years ago, but in general I switch off between the two mainstays.

I’m not sure why I picked up Tiger. I’m not a golf fan. Perhaps, once again, I fell for the packaging. What do you expect. I’m a robot dog. But maybe, just maybe, THIS time, my impulse buy will finally pay off.

It smells like regular old Fruit Punch Gatorade. The taste is different, though. A little milder. There’s almost an actual fruit taste to it, although the label clearly states, “No Fruit Juice”. It’s pretty tasty, though. I mean, I really do like it a lot.

You know what time it is, don’t you. That’s right it’s time for a . . .

. . . ColuMn FACE-OFF™!!!

Based on an 8 ounce serving size, the calories (50), fat content (0g), and sugar content (14g) are identical. There are subtle differences in the ingredients, though. Tiger contains phosphoric acid, yellow 5, and blue 2. Regular Gatorade does not. Gatorade does, however, contain caramel color and sunflower oil. Take that, Tiger.

How much Gatorade do you need to play golf?

How much Gatorade do you need to play golf?

Aside from those slight differences, there’s really nothing that separates Gatorade from Tiger. And yet, I swear, it does taste different. Of course, I guess the key difference is that I bought a 32 ounce regular Gatorade for $1, and it cost me $1.75 for a 16.9 ounce Tiger. I don’t know if it’s better, but I definitely see me buying Tiger again. Maybe.

ColuMn Rating:  ★★★


3 thoughts on “Gatorade Tiger Thirst Quencher: Red Drive

  1. BlackJack! What are you doing responding to my posts? Cripes. A robot dog forgets to check his comments for a couple of months and look what happens?


  2. What’s next for Mr. Woods, the front of the Frosted Flakes box?
    You are so refined to taste the difference between yellow#5 and caramel color.

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