Pop Rocks Candy Bar

Pop Rocks Real Milk Chocolate With A Kick

Pop Rocks Real Milk Chocolate With A Kick

I have been looking for this candy bar for a long time. According to records from the ColuMn™ files, I first began my search on March 27, 2008. Since that time I’ve combed every store I’ve set foot in, to no avail. But now, thanks to my pal Weapon Mex, I hold in my hand the bar you see in the above photo.

I really don’t want to open this holy confection. Once I open it, will I ever get another? Man. I don’t know. But I have to. I’m a crappy blog internet reporter. I have to do my duty, for you, the reader who was duped by a search engine glitch that landed you on this page. So here goes.

The bar

The bar

Hmmm. It’s definitely not bad. The chocolate tastes good. Very similar to the chocolate they use with Kit Kats. I make the mistake of taking a bite and immediately chewing. That’s not the way to eat this. The secret is to take a small bite, but not to chew. You let the chocolate melt in your mouth and then the Pop Rocks kick in. I gotta say, it’s pretty cool. My technique is backed up by the part of the label I forgot to read:

These are surprisingly good. It’s a pretty rich chocolate bar, so the size of the bar is just right for a single sitting. It takes a little longer to eat than normal candy bars since you’re pretty much forced to let the candy melt in you mouth, savoring it instead of devouring it in a mindless frenzy.

Sure, it’s a gimmick, but the gimmick works. I know they have chocolate-flavored Pop Rocks, and that must be what they use in this candy bar. And let’s face it, Pop Rocks are just fun to eat.

Sorry for the shitty quality

Close-up of a square

I was expecting a lot less, so I have to give the Pop Rocks Real Milk Chocolate With A Kick a strong recommendation*, with the reservation that they really need a new name. What the hell is this thing called? That’s what the wrapper says. You can’t really just call the Pop Rocks Chocolate Bar “Pop Rocks”, can you?

Mildly interesting to select few, I also see that the Pop Rocks Chocolate Explosion Bar is made in Spain, but distributed in the US by our friends at Pop Rocks Inc. in Atlanta.


1 bar is 33 grams
161 calories per bar
60 fat calories
7 grams of fat
4 grams of saturated fat
21 grams of sugar

*ColuMn does not endorse this company. Link provided for information purposes only.

ColuMn Rating: ★★★★★


6 thoughts on “Pop Rocks Candy Bar

  1. They are chocolate. The flavors blends in nicely with the chocolate bar. I’m still wondering how they managed to put Pop Rocks into the chocolate without them popping.

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