Doritos: The Quest

Doritos Quest

Doritos: The Quest for the crappiest flavored chip imaginable

BlackJack and I are gearing up for a slew of month-end reviews starting today with my review of Doritos: The Quest.  I’m not going to waste a lot of time on this review. I’ve wasted too much time on these chips already. They smell terrible. Their taste is what you imagine shit coated with a sugary lime glaze would taste like. These are very bad. I guess it’s no mystery why I bought these. I fell for the packaging. I was like, “Yeah. It’s going to be bad, but it’s in a black bag!”

No.  Just no.

No. Just no.

Don’t make my mistake. You’re better off sticking with the classic Doritos. But I will be trying a couple of new varieties soon that look equally appalling.

ColuMn Rating:  


4 thoughts on “Doritos: The Quest

  1. I bought a bag of the Zesty Taco/Chipotle Ranch “Collisions”. I probably prefer the Zesty Taco half, but I gotta admit that the Ranch works well with the taco flavoring. Can’t go wrong with the Nacho Cheese, though.

  2. I’ve tried so many of the new flavors of Doritos. Do they still make Taco flavored? Ranch is the worst. The smell of them consumes a whole room. Nacho Cheese, baby. I can’t have an open bag in the house. I will eat the entire thing. Thanks for the warning about these.

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