Sparks’ Sandbox #2


Time goes by so darn fast. Even for a robot dog. It’s not like I have a clock built into me or anything. I have no biological clock. Just a series of circuits and servos and plastic bits and lights. But I’m getting off track here. It’s time for some more reader mail.

Little 7-year-old Jessica Bennett writes:

“Dear Sparks,
What does Mommy mean when she says Daddy likes to smoke pole?”

I’ve heard this expression many times in my years with BlackJack, Jessica. Unfortunately, my tiny robot dog brain was unable to process this crazy talk. Until last week. I was out walking with BlackJack and we saw this. I made BlackJack snap a picture on his camera phone.

The pole people smoke, I guess.

I hope that answers your question, Jessica.

See you next time!



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