Mountain Dew SuperNova Review

Mountain Dew SuperNova

Mountain Dew SuperNova

I have now done my DewMocratic duty and educated myself on all three core issues relating to their platform. For the final taste test, we have SuperNova, a soft drink that is “Dew with a blast of strawberry melon flavor and ginseng.” This appears at first glance to be more appealing to my tastes. I like some artificial strawberry flavors, but definitely not all. I’m more of a Frankberry fan than a strawberry Starburst fan. So this could really go either way. The addition of melon and Dew, though, could throw things way off. Let’s find out.

I twist the cap off and take the first sniff of the contents. it doesn’t strike me as very strawberry smelling, more of a faint whiff of melon. Not bad, though. Just not what I expected. I pour the contents into a glass and take a nice long pull. Hmmm. This one is a puzzler. It tastes a bit like pomegranate. In relation to Revolution and Voltage, it doesn’t appear to be quite as fizzy as it’s battle-hardened foes. It tastes okay, though. I take a few more sips and then begin to experience the aftertaste. It’s pretty mild compared to the other two. Not terrible. As I drink more, the strawberry flavor is brought to the forefront and it’s quite enjoyable. It definitely lies more on the Frankenberry end of the spectrum than the strawberry Starburst end.

The last thing you see in a near-death experience.

The last thing you see in a near-death experience.

Would I buy this again? Perhaps. By a narrow margin, it’s my favorite of the three. The Voltage wasn’t too bad either. I wouldn’t make a special trip to the 7-11 for either of them, but if I happened to be there and I saw it sitting in the cooler, there’s a chance I’d buy it. I’m more likely to hit the Undercover Orange, though. That shit is still awesome.



And so, my friends, we reach the end of our three day DewMocracy odyssey. What a journey it’s been. From the low, bittersweet aftertaste of Revolution to the sort of almost pretty good highs of SuperNova, we’ve learned a lot and maybe, just maybe, shared something that will be with us forever. But probably not.

Psychedelic Soda

Psychedelic Soda

Here, for those that are interested, is more info on the DewMocracy:

VITAL STATS (per 20 oz. bottle):

Calories 290

Fat 0

Sodium 105

Carbs 76g

Protein 0

Caffeine 91mg

Contains Panax Ginseng Root Extract

Not actual Dew.

Not actual Dew.


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