Mountain Dew Voltage Review

Mountain Dew Voltage

Mountain Dew Voltage

The DewMocracy marches on with the second of three new flavors of Mountain Dew, Voltage. This one is, according to the label, “Dew infused with wild berry fruit flavor and ginseng”. As I noted yesterday, I’m not a big fan of the generic “Berry” flavor, so this one will hopefully be somewhat better than Revolution. After yesterday’s Revolution-infused coke-like cleaning frenzy, I’m a little wary of downing another of these toxic tonics, but I know the reader of ColuMn™ is expecting a review, so here goes.

The cap comes off with a satisfying gasp and I pour the clear blue liquid into a nice tall glass. I take a whiff. It definitely smells like raspberries. Then I take a nice, big sip. It, like Revolution, is refreshing. Unlike Revolution my first reflex isn’t to gag. This actually tastes pretty good. It’s still very sweet. Are they going to make diet versions of these things? The aftertaste is pretty terrible, but much better than the shit coating Revolution gave my tongue.

It’s hard to say if I’ll buy this again. I don’t buy a lot of Dew to begin with, though I was on a Code Red and LiveWire kick for a while a few years ago. If I had to choose between joining the Revolution or cranking up the Voltage, I’ll definitely take the electrocution.

I'd dive into that.

I'd dive into that.

VITAL STATS (per 20 oz. bottle):

Calories 290

Fat 0

Sodium 105

Carbs 76g

Protein 0

Caffeine 91mg

Contains Panax Ginseng Root Extract

Note: Man, that is some poor quality video. Sorry about that. I’ll try better next time.


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