Sierra Mist Undercover Orange


I think I’m the last crappy blog to write about Sierra Mist’s new limited edition flavor, Undercover Orange. I was a HUGE fan of their last limited flavor, Cranberry Splash. It was incredibly good with vodka (though the regular was a bit too sweet to my taste, the diet really hit the spot). So it was with dogged determination that I set out to find Undercover Orange.

I’ve been looking for about two weeks, and the wonderjuice continued to elude me. This morning I decided that today would be the day. One way or the other I would find that magical elixir.

And I did.

It took me a half dozen stops at various grocery stores, convenience stores, and some places where I wouldn’t eat anything that wasn’t hermetically sealed, but I did find it. Here is the first part of the review. A follow-up will be posted on Saturday as I review just how well it mixes with a bit of Tito’s vodka.

Waaaay back in the mid-80s, I fell in love with a soda called Sunkist Natural. It was an orange soda that had no artificial coloring. I can’t speak to the flavors because there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on the internet about Sunkist Natural. But, man, I loved that soda. It ranks easily in my top ten sodas of all time. Almost weekly I would head down to the local grocery store and buy a sixer of Sunkist Natural and a loaf of French bread. For some reason, the combo just worked. That said, I have enormous hopes for Undercover Orange.


Steve Carell sold separately.

Undercover Orange, a “lemon-lime soda with a splash of Mandarin Orange Flavor with other natural flavors” is tied into the new Steve Carell flick, Get Smart. As you can tell from the photos, the label is orange with weird, almost Andy Warhol-like images of Carrell and co-star Anne Hathaway.

The bottle opens with a satisfying gasp and the translucent bubbles rise to the surface. The scent is very, very much like taking a whiff of a Mandarin orange.

The taste. Oh, the taste. It tastes exactly how I remember my beloved Sunkist Natural tasting. This is truly the stuff dreams are made of. Which is probably good for me, since I bought out the convenience store where I found this. If it had sucked, I’d be hard-pressed to do anything other than empty the bottles into the bathtub and drown myself.

Sierra Mist Undercover Orange is a crisp, refreshing, satisfying, and, for me, nostalgic drink that makes my weeks of hunting well worth the time and energy. And it comes in diet, too. Which I will have to try as well. This is one soda that I must insist you go out and buy. And if you feel like picking up a loaf of French bread, you have my blessing.

7/3/08: UPDATE! Okay, it’s not the following Saturday, but I did eventually try Undercover Orange with vodka. The regular soda was pretty damn good, but the diet nailed it. Highly recommended.

ColuMn Rating:  ★★★


6 thoughts on “Sierra Mist Undercover Orange

  1. don’t fret. save your money. sierra mist orange and sierra mist ruby red will be making it out this spring/summer. no steve carrell logo thankfully.

  2. It’s still out there, but it’s tough to find. I scored four bottles last Thanksgiving and am down to two. You can buy a 2 liter on ebay right now for four bucks, but shipping will cost you around $15.

  3. Just reading this made me thirsty. Your description makes It sound really good. I hope it’s still around all these months later. Sounds especially good to mix with vodka. I tried Tang with vodka one time, when I had nothing else to mix it with. Um….no.

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