Nilla Cakesters


Nilla Wafers aren’t usually a cookie that you get a craving for. They’re more the type of cookie that you buy on impulse. You’re strolling down the cookie aisle at the grocery store and spot them. If you’ve just put a half gallon of ice cream in your cart, you’re even more apt to almost robotically toss a box in with the almost subconscious plan to mix a little ice cream cone flavor into your ice cream.

When I first spotted the Oreo Cakesters, I was sold immediately. A giant Oreo-flavored cake? I’m there. But that was nothing compared to my reaction upon spotting Nilla Cakesters. I had no prior knowledge such a thing existed. At first I didn’t believe my eyes. I almost walked past, but a force from beyond compelled my head to swivel until it met the seductive lure of the Nilla Cakester box head on.


With high expectations, I rushed home from the store and ripped open the box. Inside contained a treasure greater than any pirate had ever seen. Six wrapped packages of two Nilla Cakesters. 12 Nilla Cakesters. Could I resist the urge to eat them all Cookie Monster-style, wasting at least half of them as they crumbled carelessly down my shirt? No. I must exercise restraint. Even in the face of pure bliss.

A Cakester

The first Cakester I pulled from its protective foil cocoon I decided to just chow on. I ate it in two bites, figuring my natural tendency to gobble it up in one bite wouldn’t really be a fair taste test. You can thank me for my sacrifices.

In a word? Delicious. Better than I expected. So soft and moist. So creamy. These things could be very dangerous. I could easily see the national waistline increasing by about six inches after a month of a solid Nilla Cakester diet. We would all die very happy, though.

A bite

Noticing the uncanny way that the cake actually tasted exactly like a Nilla Wafer, I decided to try something that outsiders might consider sheer insanity. I twisted the Cakester apart, leaving one side with all the cream filling and the other one bare. I ate the cream filling side first. I have a pretty big sweet tooth, but just biting into the think layer of frosting/cream, I felt myself entering into diabetic shock. Luckily, I still had half a Cakester left.


Close your eyes. You open a box of Nilla Wafers. The sweet vanilla aroma wafts up, tantalizing your sense of smell. You reach into the box and pull out the biggest Nilla Wafer you’ve ever felt. You raise it to your mouth and sink your teeth in. Instead of the solid soft crunch of your usual Wafer, your teeth melt into soft, fluffy cake, but the taste is the exact same. Welcome to Nillavana.

So I highly, highly recommend giving Nilla Cakesters a shot. You might end up a few pounds heavier, but you definitely won’t be sorry.

As a side note, in researching this article (haha) I ran across the following image. I’m definitely stealing this idea, but not the photo. Check it out.

The greatest idea in the history of human achievement.

ColuMn Rating:  ★★★


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