Sparks’ Sandbox #1


So BlackJack has deigned to give me my own page on the website. I struggled for hours trying to decide what I should do. A list of my favorite Ingmar Bergman films? Perhaps my favorite wine vintages or Surrealist painters. Those would all be fascinating topics, I’m sure you can agree. Or maybe, I thought to myself, I should devote the space to an advice column. Who wouldn’t want advice from a highly advanced artificial intelligence? Or perhaps I should just post hardcore bukkake videos. All great ideas. Sometimes it truly is a curse to be so gifted.

In the end, I thought the best use of this space was for you to get to know me a little bit more. What makes Sparks tick? So without further ado, welcome to Sparks’ picture of the week.

This was sent in by little Timmy Phillips. Thanks, Timmy!



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