Snickers Adventure Bar


Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is probably the movie I’m most eagerly anticipating in 2008. I know there are a lot of people probably expecting the worst, given the Star Wars prequels, but I’m one of the few that actually enjoyed the prequels. I mean, yeah, Phantom Menace wasn’t exactly great, but it still had some good parts. And Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith were really good. So what do you want?

The Snickers Adventure Bar is the first official food-related tie-in to the new Indy movie. Of course, I had to get it. The front of the wrapper advertises a “New Flavor Kick!” So far so good. One weird thing is that nowhere on the wrapper do the words “Crystal Skulls” appear. Above the image of Indy, circa 1984, are the words “Adventures Of Indiana Jones.” in the Indy font.

Flip the bar over and you get a couple of nice surprises. there are “Indiana Jones Arti-FACTs” (mine was #6 of 8 possible FACTs):

Last Crusade was an Academy Award in 1989 for Best Sound Effects Editing.

Each year SNICKERS Brand “wins” for best sound effects, too, with 28 crunchy peanuts packed into each bar!

You know, I was going to make fun of the SNICKERS fun fact, but that’s actually pretty cool and impressive, so I’m just going to divert your attention to the left side of the wrapper, where we discover clues as to what the aforementioned “New Flavor Kick!” might be.

“Satisfy your taste for adventure! Rich chocolate. Crunchy nuts. And a cliffhanger kick of exotic spice and a hint of sweet coconut flavor.”

Okay. Now I have a better idea of what I’m getting into here. I guess I should get a couple of my biases out of the way. I love Indiana Jones movies. I love Snickers bars (easily in my top three candy bars). I’m a little wary of spiced chocolate bars. And coconut is kind of hit and miss for me. That said, it is now time to open up the wrapper and see what we’ve got here.

The bar

It’s all pretty much exactly like you think it would be. There’s definitely that familiar Snickers taste. And there is a subtle hint of spice. But the coconut is definitely the eye-opener. I’m not sure if it’s all my imagination, but the texture of the bar changes slightly, so it’s like there is actual coconut in the bar. I can find no visual evidence of that, however. It does taste richer than a regular Snickers.


All in all, it’s like a lot of these movie tie-ins. It’s fun, but it’s not going to replace the original Snickers anytime soon. While it’s good for a one-time snack, I hope Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is a lot better.

ColuMn Rating:  ★★½


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