You know what I think? I think we were all born in the wrong time. I mean, now is pretty good. Better than a thousand years ago. Hell, better than 20 years ago. But think about it. Think about where science is heading. We, as a civilization – a species – are on the cusp of so much.

Put aside the wars and corruption and greed and hate and lust and all those other things we’re all supposed to separate ourselves from for just a minute. Sure, the world is becoming more and more dangerous and the ante is rising faster than you can get a bet down, but we’ve survived this long. We’ll survive longer. Even if you consider a global catastrophe occurring, humanity would continue on in some form. The only people in the entire universe that give two cents about whether or not we blow each other away are us. We’re insignificant on a good day. But let’s put that aside for now.

It’s not completely crazy to imagine a point in the future where people are going to be able to literally live forever. Barring lethal accident or murder, physically speaking people will never die. That’s why I say we were all born in the wrong time. 100 years from now? We’re talking immortality. You pick the age. Do you want to be physically 25 forever? No problem.

The worst might be if they discover this secret to aging when I’m like 80. Fucking great. A whole slew of 20 year olds and good ol’ gramps. Not that I’d be alone. You’d all be old too. With no hope of death. I wonder how we’d handle reproduction.

It seems life might even be more precious with semi-immortality. Sure, medicine is going to advance and more people are going to live through crap that a lot of people die of now, but there’s still going to be accidents; car wrecks, stupid drinking accidents, and a lot more. If you can live forever, how much more tragic the loss is it if you’re murdered at ten or run over by a bus at thirty? And how much more abhorrent would murder be if you could potentially live thousands of years? I know, heady questions and I’m off on a severe tangent.

So were we all born in the wrong time? Maybe not all of us. Some people seem to belong here. W. That asshole down the street that insists on blocking your driveway with his Hummer. You know, now that I think about it, maybe we were all born at the right time at that. Maybe none of us are ready for the future. At least, that’s what I think.

The immortal


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